Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 7 of 31: Morning Routine

A couple of weeks ago I was reading a personal finance book and I came across a section that really spoke volumes to me. I can’t remember what it said verbatim, but it discussed how we start our day and the effect that it can have on us. It gave an excellent example of how getting up earlier, would eliminate buying coffee at a coffee shop and thus save you $100 a month/$1000 yearly. 

With a full time job, full time grad program, internship that is like a part time job and 2 blogs; I need to find time to do it all and create some sort of social life (hell I want a man… LOL).

I have come to the conclusion that if I can get my day started in the right direction, not only will it help financially, but also mentally, spiritually and physically. Now that I know there is a problem, it’s time to come up with a formula to garner a solution.  After reading several blog posts and articles about the effects of developing a morning routine, I thought....hmmmm this is exactly what I need for my problem.  

Current morning routine:
I go to bed at midnight or later.  I am SUPPOSE TO wake up at 5/5:30, but I hit the snooze button (or turn it off) until my 6am alarm goes off.  I jump up, get dress, grab items needed and run out the door to head to work (no breakfast).  Luckily I am only 10 mins from my place of employment, but trying to get to at 6:30 ALWAYS feel like l am in a high speed car chase.  Thus throughout the day I am hungry, cranky and plain ole exhausted.

For the rest of the month I plan to do the following in order to develop a better morning  routine:
  1. No internet after 10pm!
  2. Prepare the night before and go to bed at a decent time (aim to get 7-8 hrs of sleep).
  3. For the rest of the month I aim to wake up 30 minutes earlier.
  5. Take 3-5 minutes to meditate, pray and/or to read an entry of a daily devotional/bible.
  6. Do 15 minutes of Yoga or Stretch from the Daily Burn.
  7. Eat Breakfast.
  8. Shower and get dress.
  9. Plan out my day.
  10. Leave 10 minutes earlier than I usually would. 
Being that I am not a morning person, this will be a difficult habit to develop, but I am positive that I can accomplish it by the end of the month!  I will be back in September with an update. 

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