Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2012 31 Day Reset

The lovely lady over at Happy Black Woman created an awesome 31 day challenge that helps you "reset" your life!

I have been trying to do it for awhile now, but every time I get to day 15 (urghhh the dreaded day 15) I always end up falling off.  However since I will be finish with school Tuesday, I feel that this month would be a perfect time to try it again and use the blog to hold myself accountable. 

The purpose of the challenge is to complete an exercise each day that helps you get back on track in ways she feels will allow you to become a better, happier, healthier and more successful person in the future.  With this being said, not only will I have time to participate (a month break before summer school starts), but I have also started a new job, and possibly will be making a move by the end of the summer.  These actions feel like I am starting a new chapter in life and I hope that these exercises can help me:
  • Continue to get out of the rut I am in; and
  • Eliminate behaviors that are holding me back from happiness.
If you are wondering if this challenge is for you, the creator states that:

"Anyone who wants to manifest a change in their life, design a more fulfilling existence, make room for new possibilities or simply gain more clarity about their path to happiness and success.  This challenge will especially be of benefit to you if you've stuck or in a rut during the last year."

If you are interested, please go visit Happy Black Woman site, read her awesome posts and sign up for 31 Days to Reset Your Life!!! It's not too late!