About Me....

I am “Neka” and my blog will chronicle my journey to a grown up life (whatever that may mean)!  I want to bring you along as I work on the following: 

Professional development
Personal Development
Spiritual Growth

I follow and read many blogs but my favorites are career, fitness, and personal finance blogs.  I love reading about their experiences, but felt there was something missing.  I related to them because I had a common interest/goal as them, but our day to day struggles and perspectives were somewhat different.

My 20s were filled with being lost in a career path that gave me nothing but strife and unrealistic outlooks, a personal life that was far from fulfilling, and a battle with developing a healthy spiritual life. 

I have several goals for myself with this blog.  The first and most important is to further develop my writing skills and my ability to form and articulate my opinions.  I look forward to the challenge of keeping myself committed to writing regularly as well as sharing insights and lessons learned along the way.  Second is to journal my way out of debt and to a healthier lifestyle. Next is to document my adventure in completing my bucket list. Lastly, as I've become a staunch believer in the power of branding through blogging, I hope to develop my personal brand along the way.

There we have it, welcome to Neka's world!!!

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