Monday, August 11, 2014

Another Chapter in the Works....

Like I stated last week, I am really aiming to publish a post (of quality) once a week EVERY Monday.  

This week I want to discuss starting anew.  Now this is nothing profound or me making a huge statement/announcement, but more just me introducing the subject to you all. 

Currently I am in the process of changing physically (having surgery on Wednesday), mentally (see previous post here and future posts regarding the subject will come later) and financially.  

Lastly I realized quite recently that I need to keep my plans to myself and that means even from close family and friends. While they may have the best intentions, they can't see your journey like you can and while they think their advice is actually "helpful", it actually does the opposite. I realize that I was using this not as an opportunity to share my plans, but rather gain some sort of "approval" from individuals. I wanted some sort of....not validation, but maybe gratification?????? I cannot really explain it, but I had an incident lately where I told someone I truly trust what my ultimate career goal was and their statement basically came out as "Aren't you trying to do too much?" It took me aback and I know that in "their" mind that it was coming from a good place, but what I heard was:

"You are not good/smart/"fill in the blank" enough to be in that profession"

Now I am one who has been "preaching" to everyone to be comfortable to share your inner most desires to someone you trust in order to begin the journey of doing your hearts desire. How can I preach that message and when I am finally able to share mine with someone, get the reaction I get? 

So that's basically where I am at. A new starting point looking for support, but no longer able to put myself out there to get it.  

There may not be a post next Monday. It will depend on how I am recouping from my procedure.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Guess who's back??!! LOL....

What a difference a year makes???!!!

So much has happened and I cannot wait to tell you all about it and to take everyone along on this journey into this new chapter!

One thing I cannot wait to share is.....

I graduated with my Master's Degree! LOL

I am currently in the process of:

  • Starting a new career;
  • Living physically fit;
  • Getting financially fit;
  • Purchasing a new home; and 
  • Finding a holistic way to take care of myself (mind and body).
So please come back EVERY Monday to get a glimpse into "Neka's" world!!!